Monday, June 29, 2009

Mango makes summer mellow and fruitful

Earlier I wrote about the bounty of summer in India. In spite of the sweltering weather that summer brings, it is worth living because of the several juicy fruits that nourish, sate, and delight us during the season.

One of those fruits, mango, deserves special mention; it’s definitely worth a blog post. Mango is the king of fruits. Mango brings memories of a boyhood spent in the heart of India, where my father bought different varieties – langra, dussehri, himsagar, etc.

In my present life, in Mumbai, I have access to another, the alphonso. In Mumbai, alphonso is king, considered the choicest variety for flavor and juiciness. But, it’s also the most expensive (a dozen cost, on an average, about Rs. 350.) So, I have few alphonsos and a lot of other varieties, some of which are cheaper but equally delicious, e.g., himsagar and badami.

(Now, that could be a bone (or pit) of contention. Those who swear by the alphonso or export it for business may draw their daggers on reading this. But the business focus on alphonsos is good for us lesser folks: the humble himsagar lets us indulge our love of mangoes without burning a hole in our pockets.)

Anyway, expensive or affordable, mangoes are a delight of the summer. If there is one thing that makes summers bearable, it’s the mango's magnetic charm.


jim said...

Angshuman, My family also enjoys mango. Ours come from Florida but I understand that the U.S. is now allowing the importation of Indian Mango. I'll keep on eye out for them. We enjoy them peeled and diced with sliced cherry tomatoes, cilantro, red onion and a vinegarette made with lime juice. Jim (

Angshuman said...

Jim, yours is an innovative way to eat mango. I will try that! In India, people don't eat mango in salads, but in the hands of some chefs in other places, especially Florida, mango shows up in unexpected combinations, including sweet-and-tart salads. Mango with onion is unthinkable in India!

jim said...

Angshuman, My wife just told me its chopped GREEN onions, not RED onions! Jim

Shanthi said...

Love the way you have explained it.Visit my blog when time permits.

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