Monday, June 29, 2015

A Peppery Flavor, Lost in a Sandwich

My mother, at 80 years of age, has an uncanny sense of smell in regard to cooking. The other day, while eating a sandwich, she hankered after a flavor -- that of green pepper, her favorite. She missed the delicate smell. The filling of the sandwich was made of half-mashed potato, bell pepper, onion and carrot. The maid of the house had made the sandwich.

"What happened to the fragrance of the pepper?" she said, clearly dissatisfied.

Usually, the maid makes the sandwich without carrot. This time she had added diced carrot.

"Ah, the carrot!" she said, "The carrot took away the fragrance of the pepper."

How acute her olfactory sense is at this age. The smell of green pepper shall become eternal on the face of the earth.