Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Story of the Tuna Sandwich Retold

Forgive the delay in this posting. Since my last posting, last year, I have had so many things to do at the same time that I haven't had the time. One reason is my little baby, just a little older than four months. My shoulder smells of her milky spit even as I write this post.

Yet, she is a source of joy, and nothing better could have happened to me last year. My only problem with her is that I can’t indulge in my fondest pleasure as much as I used to.

Yes, that’s cooking. But, I do squeeze out some time from the whirl of office, baby care, and a zillion other things, for there is nothing so energizing, so life-affirming than cooking.

In my next post, I will continue my love affair with mayonnaise (See my previous post). I will show you how I replicate the simple pleasure of the tuna sandwich with Bengal’s very own bekti, a sweet, flaky fish prized for some of the finest delicacies in this fish-loving state.