Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luchi and puree: Close cousins, but still different

I grew up eating luchi, a round, deep-fried pastry, eaten as bread in Bengali homes. Its cousin, puree, is more common in India. The difference between the two is luchi is made with refined (all-purpose) flour, while puree is made with whole-wheat flour. So luchi is white, while puree is brown. Furthermore, luchi is generally rolled out thinner.

I prefer luchi, even though puree is healthier. How about you? Have you eaten either?


Anonymous said...

I love luchis, puris give me 'ambal'. And nothing beats garom garom luchi with aloo tarkari

Angshuman said...

Thanks for writing. I wish I could know your name, though.


Tata summer said...

Hey Angshuman, i knew about your blog from APTN. i'm indonesian and i was writing news about your blog... very interesting
gud job

Angshuman said...

Hi Tata:

Thanks for your comment. But what does APTN stand for? And what do mean by "writing news about your blog"? Just curious :)

Keep visiting my blog. I update it once a week.