Monday, November 05, 2012

The story of a lemon

I love lemon -- despite its negative connotation in informal meanings. And the kind of lemon I like most is gandharaj lemon, available only in Bengal and other eastern states of India. At least, I haven't seen it anywhere else; nor have I heard the kind of praise showered on gandharj, or fragrant, lemon, anywhere else.
Gandharaj lemon deserves all the credit it gets, for it is truly fragrant. You need to actually taste it to perceive its flavor -- the fragrance is indescribable. The shape is longish, the rind thick. It's beautiful. And divine when squeezed over hot rice mixed with a dollop of ghee! Gandharaj lemon, then, makes me give in to sin, too.
What kind of lemon or lime do you like, dear reader?


momathome1001 said...

Your post brings back memories of the divine concoction my grandmother would prepare with soaked sabudana. Sabudana would be mixed with a little salt, slit green chillies, lemon juice and then the crowning touch would be added- a few crushed leaves from a gondhoraj lemon tree. the result- a hot, tangy dish fit for a king.

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Gonçalo Gomes said...

Thanks for this post. Is this lemon by any chance known under the name of "Shatkora" or "Hatkora" (a seasonal lemon from of Sylhet) ?

Thanks for sharing about the bengali' cooking. I lived in UK and my life has changed since I tasted this food. As I speak, I have a traditional jalfrezi on the stove.

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