Monday, January 22, 2007

From Bengal to Boston and beyond

This post is prompted by a reader comment. The anonymous reader says I seem to lack nationalistic pride in Indian cooking.

This blog is about cooking Bengali food, but it’s also about cooking in general, and, to me, cooking knows no boundaries of country or region. True love of food and cooking embraces many cuisines, for food, as an art, benefits from wide knowledge. A healthy curiosity about global cuisines is a hallmark of a good cook, I think.

Today, so many chefs are experimenting with world cuisine: They borrow techniques or ingredients from other cuisines to come up with their own special creations. See how appetizing exchange of culinary knowledge is?

In a later post, you will see how my long stay in America has helped a frail, 70-year-old Indian woman who has never set foot outside her country learn about American food in her home. Stay tuned.


Mallika said...

Hi Angshuman - I am also an avid cook from Kolkata but I've lived in London for 11 years now.

Lots of Indian food blogs are about regional cooking, but hey that's what Indian cooking is about - variety and choice.

Keep up the good work!

Shyam said...

Hi there

Dont let nasty comments from anonymous readers affect you. Food is food, and ALL food is good! You're right when you say that cooking has no boundaries of the sort that cause trouble between people.