Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's the Theme Nonight?

Several years ago, when I lived in the United States, trying to finish up my graduate degree and living life to the lees, if you will, I cooked for my roommates and friends. Cooking would be the brightest spot of the day, a grand finale, even though it was routine -- my roommates took turns in cooking.

On my turn, especially when I would have guests, I often declared the theme of the dinner ahead of time. "Tonight's theme is ginger," I would say, for example.

On a night, when my roommates were starving and waiting hungrily for me to finish, one of them might ask, "Angshuman, what's tonight's theme?"

A theme, I thought, made me look fashionable, my cooking sound special. A theme, or a single flavor, meant elegance.

Now, I am happy to say, that concept is more than just fashion or elegance; it's a diet idea!

Earlier this year, David L. Katz, M.D., a top authority on nutrition and weight control (and disease prevention), came out with his Flavor Point Diet. He published a book, based on research at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, that says if people consume a single flavor in a whole day's meals, they would lose weight without starving!

After I wrote to Dr. Katz, a professor at the Yale med school, complimenting on his research and this happy coincidence (my penchant for "themed" dinners), he responded with equally kind words. How great it feels to hear from such a luminary!

In a later post, I will give you a few recipes based on a dominant flavor. How about ginger?

In the meantime, read more about The Flavor Point Diet on ABC News.


tirtha said...

Hi Angshuman,
I agree food trangresses cultures and we're all the better for it, especially netizens who have the info to to pick and choose.
In my misspent youth in Europe I introduced lemon instead of vinegar in a traditional French salad in a traditional French home.

There was resistance but they've never looked back since.

Wish your blog all success it deserves.
Shall be back

Angshuman said...

Thanks, Tirtha, for posting a comment. Do come back -- look forward to hearing more from you.