Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Story of the Tuna Sandwich Retold

Forgive the delay in this posting. Since my last posting, last year, I have had so many things to do at the same time that I haven't had the time. One reason is my little baby, just a little older than four months. My shoulder smells of her milky spit even as I write this post.

Yet, she is a source of joy, and nothing better could have happened to me last year. My only problem with her is that I can’t indulge in my fondest pleasure as much as I used to.

Yes, that’s cooking. But, I do squeeze out some time from the whirl of office, baby care, and a zillion other things, for there is nothing so energizing, so life-affirming than cooking.

In my next post, I will continue my love affair with mayonnaise (See my previous post). I will show you how I replicate the simple pleasure of the tuna sandwich with Bengal’s very own bekti, a sweet, flaky fish prized for some of the finest delicacies in this fish-loving state.


RajpaL said...

Intereseting Blog, Angshuman! Came upon this blog when I searched for 'Calcutta'. We have a lot in common - I am a Libran, work n IT and LOVE food.

Living abroad for the last few years and missing mum's home made food made me decide that I need to learn to cook and here I am. Although, I tend to stick to Indian food as everything else is available here in Melbourne. The ONLY thing thats not is authentic Indian (read Moghlai, Luckhnawi, Indo-chinese) food. All Indian restaurants here serve the same sorta thing and about 95% are crap so I tend to stay away. I have learnt quite a lot by myself and can whip up a mean Hyderabadi Biryani, Moghlai chicken, Egg-chicken Roll (yum!), Schezuan Chicken etc.

As for Bengali food, I have tried a few things and they have worked out quite nicely as well. On my next trip to Calcutta (the list is already a mile long) , I will be looking to get “The Calcutta Cookbook by Minakshie Dasgupta”, which I heard is quite good. I read ‘The Telegraph’ daily and have read on the gaining popularity of Bengali restaurants, and I am very keen to try out some of them. Even being Punjabi, my whole family loves Bengali good and my mum makes some amazing Kosha Mangsho, Machcher Jhol etc. (Ahh..good old days!). I used to absolutely relish going to Bengali weddings – the food, the atmosphere, the hospitality. It was so much fun living there!

Also, I found that the food in Calcutta tends to taste the best. I don’t know why but it’s true. Be it Poochka, Biryani, Dosa, chilli chicken or Black Forest cake. Its all AWSOME! Biased opinion??!!

By the ways, congrats on becoming a dad! Keep blogging!

Maria said...

I love indian food!
Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden!
Nice to read about it...

kaniska said...

hey angshuman,

great reading your blog. i have become a blogger meself. needless to say, i am a confirmed foodie. you can check out